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Should peanut butter be rubbed onto the skin before giving it orally?

The answer is a definite NO! Rubbing foods onto the skin CAN CAUSE allergy. When introducing a new food, it should be given in small quantities orally.... [READ MORE HERE]

Should petroleum based products be avoided?

Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, is one of the most studied topical preparations available. Studies consistently show it is safe, does not cause allergies and helps hydrate and protect the skin. It is not absorbed into the body.... [READ MORE HERE]

Preventing Eczema in Babies

Pregnant women often ask what they can do to help prevent their baby developing atopic eczema and allergies. Studies have shown the following; Excluding dairy, wheat and peanuts during pregnancy is associated with an INCREASED incidence of eczema and allergies. If possible and safe, a vaginal delivery is preferable to caesarian section, helping the establishment […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Propranolol and infantile haemangiomas

Since the first reports of propranolol being used to treat infantile haemangiomas in 2008, over 40 studies have now been published. In Pediatric Dermatology 2013;30:182, authors Marqueling et al reviewed 41 studies with 1264 patients. The response rate was noted to be 98% overall, far superior to previous treatment with corticosteroids. The most common side […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Massaging babies with oils

We are often asked if it is alright to massage babies with oil. Over the last few years we have discouraged using nut based oils such as almond oil or peanut oil, in case the baby becomes sensitized to the nuts through the skin. In a recent study published in Paed Dermatol 2013;30:42-50, it was […]... [READ MORE HERE]